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Ode to Jim's (for Bryan Mealer) - Supergirl Saves The World

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May 21st, 2008

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09:58 am - Ode to Jim's (for Bryan Mealer)
There was this kid,
I hardly remember his name
but he wrote a poem
which captured the spirit of high school
sitting in our diner till 4 AM
writing bad poetry
smoking and filling our lungs
with angst. Seventeen years later
no one remembers him
but his poem endures.
I want to write a poem like that.
I want to be remembered
for my words, my images,
my metaphors. Others are recalled
for their baggy baggy jeans
or their green hair
but now they are balding
or fat, and those things
are lost. A poem lasts forever,
it defies nature
and gravity
and inertia.
Fixed in time
like nothing else
can ever be.

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