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June 2nd, 2008

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03:12 pm - Movie review
If you see only one movie for the rest of the year, really, the rest of your life, have it be XXY. Really, it's that good. And that important.

girlsnqueers turned to us after watching it this weekend and said "I kept expecting them to screw it up." But they didn't. Had it been made by American studios, they probably would have. Maybe that's my bias. But it was so flawlessly done - both from a technical standpoint (writing, directing, cinematography) and an emotional standpoint. I have pimped it on Facebook and written it on Yahoo Movies, so I figured I'd do it here too. I don't know how widely it will be distributed, but make an effort to see it. It really is a must-see.

A wonderful exchange from the movie, which is so much more powerful in its context:

Alex: I'm both!
Alvaro: But do you like boys or girls?
Alex: I don't know!

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