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September 21st, 2009

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03:38 am - How to see a play I've written performed

"What an amazing and intense experience it is to see your own work performed by actors. Wow. I want more. "

How I did it: Completed my first live production of a work I wrote.  It was my 10 minute play "He Really Was a Good Son" and was performed as part of Ten Tiny Shows at the Cambridge YMCA Theater in Cambridge, MA on Sept 19,2009.  

It was an amazing experience, especially getting to direct my own work and be a part of watching the actors bring it to life.  

I want more!  It has inspired me to want to keep writing plays and trying to get them performed live.  

Lessons & tips: Have a good technical director and stage manager to help pull it all off. 

Resources: Goodwill is a great place to go for props. 

Having insightful, talented actors who aren't crazy is perhaps the most important ingredient.  

It took me 6 months.

It made me deliriously happy

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